How do I create service zones?

Zones are cartographic regions you mark on the map widget to indicate areas of operation and differing pricing rules. You can only dispatch and receive rides that originate and end in these Zones (not necessarily in the same Zone though. For more on that, see Pricing Rules)

Creating A New Zone

  • Press on + ADD NEW ZONE button on the upper right corner of the widget
  • Enter Name/Alias of the Zone. This Zone will appear on the Zones list under this name.
  • Indicate Initial Placement of the Zone by typing in the name of the town/area/address you would like to center your Zone around (this field uses Google’s Address Auto-complete to ease the task for you). Note that, you can move any parts of the Zone on the map later.
  • Initially, Zones are placed on the map widget as squares. You can move the vertices and midpoints of the square as you wish.
  • To indicate an initial size of the Zone’s edges, please enter the value (in Miles) in the Scales field. This is simply to save you time on moving and resizing the Zone later after you place it on the map.
  • Press on Add To The Map button to place the initial square Zone on the map.
  • Move the the vertices and midpoints of the square as you need to. Every time you move the midpoint, you create two edges with own midpoints which you can then move as well. This allows you to create very robust shapes for your Zones.
  • Once done, press on the SAVE button to add the Zone.


You can always go back and edit / delete any of your Zones later.


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