How do I add a pricing rule?

Pricing Rule is an advanced form of rates-based metering algorithms and other pricing schemes that allows TaxiTapp system to automatically calculate/estimate the cab fare. It is designed to take into account Zone-based and Tier-based pricing as well as Time-of-the-Day, Day-of-the-Week, Date-Range, many other dependencies.

Creating A New Pricing

  • Press on + ADD NEW PRICING button on the upper right corner of the widget
  • Enter Name/Alias of the Pricing. This Pricing will appear on the Pricing Rules list under this name.
  • Enter the Priority of the Pricing Rule. It has to be an integer number and cannot equal any other Pricing Rule’s Priority. Higher number indicates that the given Pricing Rule will be used over others (with lower Priority values) if every other parameter overlaps (e.g. Zones, Date and Time ranges, Tier).
  • Optional If the Pricing is for a specific Corporate Account, or for a group of Corporate Accounts with the same associated Tier, then you have to pick the Tier from the drop-down menu. This will result in this Pricing Rule to be used only when the Ride Request is made for the Corporate Accounts with the above picked Tier associated with them.  
  • Indicate the Type of the metering by selecting either Flat or Continuous.
  • Optional If you would like to have a separate Pricing for Luxury / Limo vehicles, and you have such vehicles in your fleet, then you can check the Luxury/Limo checkbox to allow only the cars with Luxury box checked receive ride requests with a Luxury/Limo option selected and have this Luxury/Limo pricing applied to them.
  • Optional If your town has mandated areas in which only the vehicles with the taxi-meters are allowed to operate, and you have such vehicles in your fleet, then you need the Pricing Rules that are tailored for these areas. To make a Pricing Rule work for such area, you can check the Metered Vehicle Only checkbox to allow only the cars with meters get dispatched to these areas.
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Zones indicate the areas in which the given Pricing Rule is used. The Pricing Rule is only applied to the ride requests with the pickup address within the Pick Up zone and the dropoff address within the Drop Off zone. You can pick the same Zone to be the Pick Up and the Drop Off Zone.
    IMPORTANT If you have 2 separate Zones, A and B, and you serve rides that start in A and end in B, but also that start in B and end in A, then you will need to create 2 separate Pricing Rules.
  • You can limit your Pricing Rule’s applicability to only certain time periods.
  • Optional (if Continuous) Minimum Fare is the minimum amount that the final estimated price can be.   
  • Optional (if Continuous) Flag Down (a.k.a flag drop) is an amount that a regular taxi-meter would start counting up from. It is the amount that the passenger owes the moment they get in the cab.
  • Optional (if Continuous) We have implemented staged Mileage-rate algorithm that allows you to have variable 3-step Mileage rate depending on the total distance of the trip. First rate ($../Mile For The First) will be applied to the First X Miles (X=whatever you enter); Second rate ($../Mile For The Next) will be applied to the Next Y Miles (Y=whatever you enter) if the distance traveled is more than X; Third rate ($../Mile) will be applied to the rest of the trip, if the distance is more than X+Y;  
  • Optional (if Continuous) Waiting Time rates are structured the same way as Mileage rates. It is a  3-step Wait Time rate depending on the total duration of the trip.
  • Extra Passenger and  Extra Luggage rates are also 3-step variable rates that allow you to charge different amounts based on the total number of passengers and/or luggage. Algorithm assumes that 1 passenger and 0 luggage is included with the fare by default. So, the first passenger is always free. E.g. You can make the first 2 passengers free and then charge $2 per passenger by entering 0 in the first input field (left) and 1 in the second field (right), and $2 in the third field (left) and 3 (assuming the capacity is 5 passengers) in the fourth (right).   
  • Providing Wheelchair Accessibility and Infant Chair can be added services and we allow you to include them in your fare calculations as a simple flat fee additions.    
  • Once done, press on the SAVE button to add the Pricing.


You can always go back and edit / delete any of your Pricing Rules later.


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