Setting up Concierge accounts

Concierge is a feature that allows the cab company to issue concierge accounts to 3rd parties like hotels, venues, hospitals, airport stands, etc. These 3rd parties can request and then monitor rides from the cab company’s drivers via web-based concierge portal. Concierge can access their portal the same way the company owners and their dispatchers do, by going to and logging in with the credentials that the cab company issued to them.


Add New Concierge

Concierge accounts can be created from COMPANY > CONCIERGES

  • Click on + ADD NEW
  • Fill out the listed fields: name, username, password, phone
  • Important Remember to pass the username and password to the concierge 3rd party
  • Press SAVE


Edit Dispatcher Info

Concierge accounts can be viewed and edited from COMPANY > CONCIERGES

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