Controlling Drivers’ Access To The System

You can control your driver’s access to their apps in a number of ways:

  • Fleet-wide time-blocking - You can just create/modify all your Pricing Rules with a specific time windows instead of 24/7 availability. This won’t prevent them from logging into their apps but will prevent them from accepting any jobs during the “blackout” time periods.
  • Driver-specific pre-set time-blocking - You can modify the driver’s profile so that they will not be able to access their app account during the pre-set time windows. You can specify these time-windows from FLEET > DRIVERS then click on Edit and go to the Time Blocking in the FILTERS tab. If you check the boxes next to the selected start and end time and days of the week, you will indicate when you want to prevent the driver from accessing the app.
  • Manually disabling drivers - You can Disable driver profiles, preventing them from logging into their accounts on the Driver apps. You can do this simply from FLEET > DRIVERS then click on the Enabled action button along the driver name you wish to disable. Button will change into the red Disabled button which means that the driver is disabled.

    The driver may disappear from the list if you have
    Show Active Only selected.

  • Manually force-change drivers’ shift statuses - You can force the driver’s shift status into the OFF state by clicking on the ON (or BUSY) button in the Shift Status column on the FLEET > DRIVERS page. This will also unassign the car from the driver if their profile is of the contractor type that requires the car assignment each time.
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