Vehicle fleet

You should create a profile for each vehicle in your fleet. These profiles allow you to assign, and keep track of vehicles and drivers.


Add New Vehicle

  • Please fill the mandatory information fields in the VEHICLE INFORMATION tab.
  • Optional If this is a Luxury vehicle or a Limo and you would like to apply different pricing rules to it, you can check the Luxury checkbox to allow this specific vehicle receive ride requests with a Luxury/Limo option selected and have a Luxury/Limo pricing applied to it.
  • Optional If your town has mandated areas in which only the vehicles with the taxi-meters are allowed to operate, and you have such vehicles in your fleet, you can check the Meter In The Car checkbox to allow a specific vehicle receive ride requests within such area.
  • OWNERSHIP tab contains an indicator for the type of the vehicle ownership. If House  is selected (e.g. if the company owns the car), then this vehicle can be assigned to any driver before they start their shift.  If Owner - Operator  is selected (e.g. if the driver owns the car), then this vehicle can be permanently assigned to the drivers who are Owner-Operators and will be unavailable to others. Assigning a car to that driver before each shift will not be necessary anymore.
  • TITLE, TLC, INSURANCE tabs are Optional and can be used to keep the vehicle info at hand.
  • Once done, hit ADD to save the Vehicle profile.


Edit Vehicle

You can edit Vehicle profiles from the list in the Vehicles table which you can access by going to FLEET > VEHICLES. Ownership column shows the type of the Vehicle, whether it is a House car (can/need to be assigned to a driver before each shift) or an Owner Operator car. Status of the vehicle utilization at the moment is shown in the In use  column. Each vehicle can be edited or deleted using the Action buttons.

  • Press on EDIT button in the Action column along the Vehicle ID that you wish to edit.
  • This opens a Vehicle profile editing panel that is similar to the Add Vehicle panel in terms of the layout and functionality.
  • You can change the value of any field in any tabs.
  • Once done editing, press on the SAVE button if you wish to keep the changes, or press the CANCEL button if you wish to discard the changes.


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