Assigning Vehicles To Drivers

Before a driver is able to start receiving job requests, they need to switch their Shift Status to ON, which is followed by selecting the car they will be using during that Shift. Vehicle IDs they can choose is determined from the Admin Panel, by pre-assigning the vehicles to drivers from the FLEET > DRIVERS.
There are two types of Driver - Vehicle Ownership:

1) Driver is an Owner Operator. Owner Operator Drivers are assigned a vehicle (Owner Operator type) during the profile creation (or when edited). This Vehicle will appear in the Driver app for the driver to select before the shift starts. This eliminates the need for Vehicle assignment by the owner/manager/dispatcher before each shift. Additionally, no other driver can be assigned that particular vehicle.

2) Driver is a contractor. Meaning, they don’t own a vehicle and can use any vehicles in the fleet that owner/manager/dispatcher tells them to and has not already been assigned to someone else.
Fleet admin has two options when setting up the fleet preferences:

a) Allow contractor drivers pick any unassigned House vehicles when starting a shift (by checking the box next to "drivers can choose any unassigned house vehicles" in PREFERENCES > GENERAL). 

b) Require the dispatcher to assign specific vehicle to them before each shift (by unchecking the box next to "drivers can choose any unassigned house vehicles" in PREFERENCES > GENERAL). After the shift is over (Driver switches their Shift Status to OFF) Vehicle is unassigned from the Driver. Hence, the need for assigning it every time.

  • In the column Car Assigned, you can pick the car from the drop-down menu and click on Assign. This will assign the car to the driver and they will see it in the list of available cars to use for the upcoming shift within their app.

    For the Owner-Operator drivers, you don’t need to perform the above step since they should already have a car assigned to them permanently.

    Even if the "drivers can choose any unassigned house vehicles" box is checked, the Contractor drivers will only be able to pick one specific vehicle if they were assigned one by the dispatcher. 

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