Trip Status

Trip Status defines the state of the Order as it progresses from one stage to the next (e.g. Requested > Booked > Completed). It adds more refined information about the trip. Based on the stage of the Order, Trip Status can have different possible values:

  • BOOKED tab:
    • Not Started Yet - Each trip has a number identifier. You can access more detailed trip information by clicking on the corresponding #.   
    • On My Way - Time elapsed since the order was made. This helps you gauge how long has a customer been waiting for their ride.
    • I’m Here - When the order is accepted by the driver, corresponding Vehicle ID will be displayed here.
    • Passenger Onboard -
    • End Of Trip - Estimated Time of Arrival to the next appropriate point. If the passenger hasn’t been picked up yet, then it shows the time to the pickup address; if the passenger is onboard though, then it shows the time to the destination.

  • COMPLETED tab:
    • [amount] Paid With [payment method]  - When the ride is successfully completed, its Trip Status shows the total amount paid and the payment method used.

  • CANCELLED tab:
    • [cancellation source] - Status column in the CANCELLED tab shows who initiated the trip cancellation.
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