Driver fleet

You should create a profile for each driver in your fleet and give them login credentials to use the driver app. You can Disable (deactivate) and/or Enable (reactivate) your drivers whenever you need and give them tiered job access. By default, disabled drivers are hidden. You can display them by switching a radio button Show All in the middle of the top bar of the Drivers widget.


Add New Driver

  • GENERAL tab contains the driver profile information and allows you to create their login credentials (which you need to pass onto the driver). Once you save the information on the GENERAL tab, you can move on to fill out the rest of the tabs.
  • LICENSES tab contains the fields for entering the driver’s license information. Depending on the location and local regulations, requirements for different licenses that drivers need are different. However, drivers need to posses at least one driver’s license. This is reflected in the form fields that are on this tab.
  • BILLING tab is where you can assign specific REVENUE, EXPENSES, COMPENSATION, and  BASE FEES rules to the driver. These rules will dictate the accounting rules for this driver’s end-of-shift balances and their whole ledger.
  • FILTERS tab includes Time Blocking, which allows you to prevent the driver from logging into the system during the time periods you specify; and Applicable Tiers which are useful if you have Corporate clients with billable accounts with possibly different pricing zones and rates. You can either allow or prevent each driver from receiving such jobs by checking corresponding Tier’s checkboxes.  
  • VEHICLES tab is where you indicate the ownership type of the driver. If the driver is a contractor or just doesn’t own the vehicles they are driving, you can select the Contractor toggle. This will allow you to assign any vehicles designated as a House car to the driver, each time they are starting their shift. If you wish to avoid having to assigning a car each time, you can designate the driver as the Owner Operator and assign them a specific vehicle once (only the ones that were pre-designated as an Owner-operator cars). You can unassign these vehicles later, anytime you wish.       

Edit Driver

You can edit Driver profiles from the list in the Drivers table which you can access by going to FLEET > DRIVERS. Profile Status column shows the completion status of the Driver profile. It will show Incomplete if at least the required fields are not filled in the LICENSES tab. Real-time Shift Status of the Driver is shown in the Shift Status column. You can temporarily (or permanently) Disable the Driver profile from the Account Status column preventing them from accessing the Driver app. Each Driver profile can be edited using the Action button.

  • Press on EDIT button in the Action column along the Driver Name that you wish to edit.
  • This opens a Driver profile editing panel that is similar to the Add Driver panel in terms of the layout and functionality.
  • You can change the value of any field in any tabs except for the Driver’s login credentials.
  • Once done editing, press on the SAVE button if you wish to keep the changes, or press the CANCEL button if you wish to discard the changes.
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