How do I create a new surcharge?

Surcharges allow drivers to add fixed items to the passenger’s bill and charge for extra services or expenses (e.g. parking, tolls, fuel, etc). You car create the surcharges to cover expenses and the surcharges that are all income. Additionally, surcharges can be of two kinds in terms of price (total vs unit). Surcharges that are not of one of the four categories toll, parking, carwash, and fuel, should be selected as Miscellaneous.

Create a Surcharge

  • Press on + ADD SURCHARGE button on the upper right corner of the widget
  • Optional Check the box next to “Is Expense” if the Surcharge is for covering the expense possibly incurred during rides. If checked, this amount will be split between the driver and the company according to the appropriate Expense Rule as opposed to the Revenue Rule for the rest of the fare.
  • Select the category of the Surcharge (i.e. Toll, Parking, Carwash, Fuel, Miscellaneous). This will be important for the Expense accounting (if the Surcharge is also an expense).  
  • Enter the Name of the Surcharge. This Surcharge will appear on the Surcharges list under this name.
  • Select the type of the Surcharge. Whole means that only 1 item of this Surcharge with a specified Amount can be added to the passenger bill, while Unit implies that the Amount specified is for 1 Unit of the Surcharge and the driver can add as many Units to the bill as he/she wants.
  • Enter the Amount. This is the Surcharge Amount per Unit (or a Whole).  
  • Once done, press on the SAVE button to add the Surcharge.

You can always go back and edit / delete any of your Surcharges later.

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