How do I add a base fee rule?

BASE FEE rules can be setup to automatically credit the driver’s running balance (and display on their ledger) with any specified amount. Base Fee is a periodic charge (hourly, daily, or weekly) in addition to any revenue and expense share that is being setup using the REVENUE and EXPENSES rules.


  • To create a new BASE FEE rule, go to PREFERENCES > BASE FEES
  • Press on + ADD RULE button on the upper right corner of the widget
  • Enter the Name of the rule. This Base Fee rule will appear on the Base Fee Rules list under this name.
  • BASIS defines the periodicity of the fee. If the driver pays the fleet (base) on an hourly basis (over the duration of their shift), you can select Hourly and the algorithm will take care of the rest. Daily option is a flat daily fee posted every day at 12:00 AM. If you select Weekly, then you can also indicate on which day of the week you would like to post the Base Fee to the Driver Ledger.
  • Enter the Fee Amount to specify the amount of the Base Fee (per BASIS).  
  • Once done, press on the SAVE button to add the Base Fees Rule.


You can always go back and edit / delete any of your Base Fees Rules later.

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