How do I dispatch future reservations?

Future Reservation differs from a NOW ride in terms of the dispatch flow. While NOW rides are dispatched to the fleet drivers instantly, Future rides are “booked” but are kept in the RESERVATIONS tab on the DASHBOARD. They only get dispatched to the fleet drivers when the time remaining before the selected Pick up time becomes less than 1 hour (if the ride was requested for the future time that is less than an hour from now, then the ride is dispatched to the drivers immediately).

Regular (Non-Corporate Ride)

  • Go to NEW RIDE
  • Enter Pickup Address and Destination
  • If the ride is for the same day, you do not need to pick a date, just specify the pickup time by selecting the hour from HH drop-down field, minutes from MM drop-down field, and morning/afternoon from AM drop-down field.
  • If the ride for a later date, then specify the date from the calendar in the NOW drop-down date picker.
  • Enter the passenger Phone Number
  • Optional Enter passenger Name and Email
  • Optional If the customer has special requests, indicate them in the ADDITIONAL TRIP DETAILS section.
  • Optional If you would like to assign the ride to a specific driver, uncheck the Auto Dispatch box
  • Finally, press on the ASSIGN button to dispatch the ride


All of these also applies to the Corporate rides with Future pickup times.

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