Dispatching a New Ride

  1. Go to NEW RIDE
  2. Enter Pickup Address and Destination
  3. Optional If the ride is for future time (Reservation), specify the pickup time
  4. Enter the passenger Phone Number
  5. Passenger Name and Email are Optional
  6. Optional If the ride is a Corporate ride, then select the Corporate Account from the drop-down menu and enter the member PIN  and press LOOKUP USER
  7. Optional If the customer has special requests, indicate them in the ADDITIONAL TRIP DETAILS section. 
  8. Optional If you would like to assign the ride to a specific driver, uncheck the Auto Dispatch box
  9. Finally, press on the ASSIGN button to dispatch the ride 

Once you are done entering all the mandatory trip info, you can see the Nearest Driver ETA and the Estimated Fare by pressing on CALCULATE button

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